Reciprocal Teaching:
a Core Teaching & Learning Strategy for all Schools
Workshops 2015

Target audience(s): Primary/Intermediate, Secondary


Reciprocal teaching as a core teaching and learning strategy for all schools – by Julia Westera

These practical workshops are designed for new and current users of reciprocal teaching. The focus will be on developing a sound knowledge and practice base of how best to use reciprocal teaching to accelerate student engagement and achievement. The Two Day Workshop gives you opportunity to apply reciprocal teaching and maximise the second workshop for further learning.

Early registration is recommended. Bring a colleague so you can support each other in developing reciprocal teaching in your classroom and/or in your school. Special interest groups may develop from a workshop – so think ahead and network on this one!


Two Day Workshop: to be announced
Cost: TBA

One Day Workshops: to be announced
Cost: TBA

Time: TBA
Venue: TBA
Facilitator: Julia Westera
By arrangement: Introductory, professional and school-wide professional development workshops can be tailored for a school, community of learning (CoL), cluster of schools or special interest groups with one or both of these facilitators.
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Withdrawal from a workshop should be made by way of an email to The email must state your name, and the name and date of the workshop from which you wish to withdraw. Withdrawals made seven days prior to a seminar will incur no charge. If a withdrawal is made within seven days of the workshop being held, full charges will apply.