RTeach Institute:
Working alongside school leaders, teachers and students to provide evidence-based knowledge and practice customised to suit your needs.

RTeach Institute is a Ministry of Education accredited provider of Professional Learning and Development (PLD) in Aotearoa New Zealand.

RTeach Institute supports both RT3T™ and STEM/STEAM PLD facilitators.

About RTeach Institute

RTeach Institute was founded by Julia Westera in 2013 to provide an improvement science approach with this modernised version of reciprocal teaching: Reciprocal Teaching – 3 Track (RT3T™), for high impact, inclusive and sustainable results.

RTeach Institute has since expanded to include both an RT3T™ facilitator-coach team and STEM / STEAM facilitators.

Support and Referees

Ongoing advisory and consultancy support is provided by:

  • Roz Dakin, Principal, James Street Primary School
  • Shirley Hardcastle, Principal, Viscount School
  • Professor Angus Hikairo Macfarlane, Professor of Māori Research, University of Canterbury
  • Gregory Pierce, Principal, Orewa College
  • Malia Tuala, Academic and Practice Coordinator for Learning and Behaviour Endorsement, Lead Pacific Facilitator for Specialist Teaching Programme, Institute of Education, Massey University
  • Judy Hanna, retired principal
  • Professor Deidre Le Fevre, Learning, Development and Professional Practice, University of Auckland
  • Piripi Davis, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei