Introduction to Reciprocal Teaching - RT3T™

Reciprocal Teaching (RT) is one of the most powerful evidence-based strategies that we have today – for equity, inclusion, literacy and leadership. Reciprocal Teaching - RT3T™ (Whakaako Tauututu) is a modernised culturally responsive version of RT designed for our NZ context. 

Schools which have implemented RT3T™ report accelerated literacy progress across the curriculum for all learners.  RT3T™ provides additional benefits, such as supporting assessment for learning, well-being, and de-streaming.

Our one day courses are aimed at teachers in Years 3–10 who are looking to improve reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, and collaborative teamwork in their classrooms. 

The workshops have a practical emphasis and are focussed on developing your knowledge and practice of how best to use reciprocal teaching in your daily classroom practice to accelerate achievement across the curriculum. 

An initial one day PLD session will prepare you to implement RT3T™ in your own class, followed by workshops and individual coaching sessions.

For more information please contact Karen Farmer.