How RT3T™ is a structured literacy approach.

Julia Westera Julia Westera

While RT3T™ is a structured approach to literacy learning, it differs from step-by-step ways of teaching, as it provides an inclusive, collaborative, and metacognitive approach that interweaves learning skills proven to be essential to understanding, thinking critically and using texts for learning in all curriculum areas. It is structured, but at a deep and interwoven level.

Local research with RT3T™ illustrates the reading gains that can be made both in decoding accuracy and comprehension. “After the intensive coaching block, all students reading above 6.06 age equivalent level, irrespective of age, ethnicity, gender and reading comprehension level, showed a significant improvement on comprehension scores, with the majority scoring significant progress on both reading comprehension and decoding scores.” (Westera, 2014). This finding is consistent with previous research (LeFevre et al, 2003; Westera, 2002) and aligns with the self-teaching hypothesis of Share (1995).

As a structured approach to literacy learning, RT3T™:

  • Gives teachers tools to take students beyond simple decoding. Children also enjoy learning, reading, thinking and talking together more deeply.
  • Provides clear coverage within the literacy space of key thinking / comprehension skills in an integrated way rather than in isolation.
  • Provides students with a structured approach to reading unfamiliar and challenging texts.
  • Covers all five literacy skills identified with job openings. See Literacy Skills dominate Tomorrow’s Jobs - RTeach Institute.
  • Reduces the tail of achievement and is just as effective for high flyers.
  • Works for everyone. Is inclusive and counters bullying. Gets everyone on track.
  • Extends beyond the literacy space, enabling children to work in integrated and purposeful ways across the curriculum. Children learn essential skills for NCEA, the workplace and for life. These include how to engage with learning, both as part of a team and independently.
  • Is popular. Initially RT3T™ involves ritualised learning so that everyone quickly feels safe and becomes a confident, focussed and skilled learner and leader.

RT3T™ is culturally responsive and structured so that it can be integrated across the curriculum at all levels of the school system. It provides students with flexible skills, including those needed for leadership and teamwork - all essential to their future success in everyday life, study and work - a truly integrated learning approach.

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