Student survey
A student survey

Students Reflect

Reciprocal Teaching has helped me a lot through the term. I’ve never done reading in a group before so it was fun being the teacher, helping others out and not the teacher always being the teacher.

I really enjoy Reciprocal Teaching because it helps me work with a group and I can predict and summarise without help. Now I am confident and I have a really loud voice and it’s making reading easier for me to understand the text.

Now I know more words and what they mean.

I’ve learnt how to ask inferential questions.

I need more help in being confident and summarising.

Life Skills

I used ‘summarising’ after watching the TV news.

I used ‘prediction’ at the end of a cool movie.

At the 3-way-conferences, parents told their teacher that their daughter and son (in another class) were using Reciprocal Teaching together at home when reading with their younger brother.

A westie kid

I used Reciprocal Teaching for my interview. I made up some thoughtful ‘questions’ and a ‘summary’ about me. Then, during the interview I was confident enough to use ‘clarifying’ when I didn’t understand something the principal said. At the end I checked out if they could ‘predict’ what may happen next. And, wow, Reciprocal Teaching worked for me. I got accepted into my first choice school.

A working Kiwi in London

I used Reciprocal Teaching to stay focussed on learning British law at all hours of the night for my new job. I’d read a chunk and then ‘clarify’ anything I didn’t understand, make up ‘questions’ I might get asked in court the next day, ‘summarise’ the main themes, and ‘predict’ what else I needed to know, before studying further.

What High School teachers are saying

Oranga School teachers
Oranga School teachers

It’s like gold

It touches so many bases so quickly

The BEST of the BES

buildup students - at the top of the cliff, not…

at the right times in people’s lives, when you can get buy in

intensives ideally each year for all year 9 students

One of the best PLD experiences I have had in my 9 years of teaching! So positive, practical and well-supported. It was easy to communicate and any questions/queries were responded to quickly.

What High School leaders are saying

Principal of one of our largest secondary schools

We definitely would like to be involved further in 2017 because of significant progress within our junior school in 2015, 2016

Senior secondary school leader

When each teacher builds in the elements into all their classes, the overall effect is much more than just the accelerated learning of the targeted classes

What the principal and deputy principal of Waterlea Primary School said

Margaret Palmer, Principal and Therese Bakker, Deputy Principal

Reciprocal Teaching-RT3T™ has been running at Waterlea School for the past 4 years. It started with a RTeach facilitator working alongside our teachers and coaching them for the delivery of RT3T™.

The RTeach service was effective in providing continuity of professional learning opportunities through: observations, feedback, attendance at team meetings and keeping up constant communication. The programme provider was always looking for ways to improve the implementation both at the teacher training level and in the approach with students.

We have continued with the RT3T™ programme because we believe and have evidence to support it is making a positive difference for all learners and in particular our priority learners. We have noted RTeach provides strategies that foster deep thinking, problem solving and self-management. When using these strategies learners, who are decoding at a lower level, are able to engage with texts at a higher level. The flow on effect of this has meant the self-efficacy of these learners also improved. Another benefit we observed for our students was the transfer of strategies into other learning areas.

We continue with RT3T™ as it has made a positive difference to all learners in raising their skills, ability to reach expectations of the key competencies and growth in their self-esteem and confidence.

RT3T™ puts the student at the centre providing agency to which our children respond positively.

What Diana Peri, Principal of Oranga School, is saying

At Oranga, five Year 4 to 6 classes and their teachers participated in a BES research project with Julia Westera mid-2014.

The updated Reciprocal Teaching method has many benefits for children and for teachers. For teachers, the evidence-based programme provides in-depth, responsive strategies that foster deep thinking, problem solving and self-management.

While this has been used primarily for the teaching of reading at Oranga School, the potential for using the strategies in other learning areas has been recognised.

Students at Oranga School responded with enthusiasm and accelerated progress. They reported a greater sense of self-confidence and agency, and enjoyment in their learning.