What Primary and Intermediate Ākonga / Students say about Reciprocal Teaching - RT3T™



When it comes to my dad he would say that he is proud of me… and keep carrying on… try and make the people follow you not you follow them…


My parents would be surprised and proud, because I am the shy type, and I don’t usually talk that much

Reciprocal Teaching has helped me a lot through the term. I’ve never done reading in a group before so it was fun being the teacher, helping others out and not the teacher always being the teacher.

it was fun being the teacher, helping others out

James St 2

Now I know more words and what they mean.

I’ve learnt how to ask inferential questions.

I need more help in being confident and summarising.

I love this modern reading.

Reciprocal Teaching helps me work with a group

Student survey
A student survey

I really enjoy Reciprocal Teaching because it helps me work with a group and I can predict and summarise without help. Now I am confident and I have a really loud voice and it’s making reading easier for me to understand the text.

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