Students Reflect

Reciprocal Teaching has helped me a lot through the term. I’ve never done reading in a group before so it was fun being the teacher, helping others out and not the teacher always being the teacher.

Intermediate students laughing with teacher

Now I know more words and what they mean.

I’ve learnt how to ask inferential questions.

I need more help in being confident and summarising.

I love this modern reading.

I really enjoy Reciprocal Teaching because it helps me work with a group and I can predict and summarise without help. Now I am confident and I have a really loud voice and it’s making reading easier for me to understand the text.

Life Skills

At the 3-way-conferences, parents told their teacher that their daughter and son (in another class) were using Reciprocal Teaching together at home when reading with their younger brother.

Student survey
A student survey

I used ‘summarising’ after watching the TV news.

I used ‘prediction’ at the end of a cool movie.

I used the 4 thinking skills for an interview.

A westie kid

I used Reciprocal Teaching for my interview. I made up some thoughtful ‘questions’ and a ‘summary’ about me. Then, during the interview I was confident enough to use ‘clarifying’ when I didn’t understand something the principal said. At the end I checked out if they could ‘predict’ what may happen next. And, wow, Reciprocal Teaching worked for me. I got accepted into my first choice school.

A working Kiwi in London

I used Reciprocal Teaching to stay focussed on learning British law at all hours of the night for my new job. I’d read a chunk and then ‘clarify’ anything I didn’t understand, make up ‘questions’ I might get asked in court the next day, ‘summarise’ the main themes, and ‘predict’ what else I needed to know, before studying further.

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