This bar graph shows how reciprocal teaching can massively outperform ‘teaching as usual’, which is represented by the red line for the average effect size for a year of teaching in Aotearoa New Zealand. For more on the evidence base for reciprocal teaching see this article.

Best Evidence Synthesis graph on Reciprocal Teaching

RT3T™ is a modernised version of reciprocal teaching which aims at improving students' skills in accessing and understanding challenging text in any learning area – with a high impact, inclusive and sustainable model.

  • RT3T™ promotes ‘confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners’ (NZC, Vision Statement, 2007, p8)
  • RT3T™ is evidence-based
  • RT3T™ is a foundational collaborative and inclusive pedagogy that is cross-curricular
  • RT3T™ changes the way teachers teach and learners learn together
What could our Tamariki and Rangatahi get out of RT3T™

What could our tamariki and rangatahi expect to get from RT3T™?

  • Quickly double their progress in reading
  • Learn how to understand texts that seem hard to understand at first
  • Learn how to use reciprocal teaching key thinking skills for coping with challenging texts and tasks
  • Learn ways to get smarter at thinking – learn metacognitive skills
  • Develop confident oral language and collaborative skills so they can work productively with anyone in any subject area, and for life
  • Become excited about developing leadership skills
  • Feel safer and happier at school – experience less racism, discrimination and bullying

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