Introductory and school-wide PLD of modernised Reciprocal Teaching - RT3T™ involves instructional coaching, co-teaching, collaborative workshops and a multi-phase implementation model.

We work in partnership with you to bring evidence-based pedagogy into practice in a way that is responsive to your unique context.

Does RT3T™ support the PLD priorities?


RT3T™ is about equity, agency and cohesive cultures.

It more than supports, it interleaves all the priorities.

RT3T™ provides a unique evidence-based interleaving of all PLD Priorities: cultural capability, local curriculum and assessment for learning.

This makes RT3T™ particularly powerful as a standalone.

RT3T™ also works well in complement with other PLD, such as culturally responsive and relational pedagogy or assessment for learning.

For more information on how RT3T™ is fully aligned with all PLD priorities see this page.

Applying for RT3T™ PLD

  • Schools|kura, CoL|Kāhui Ako and clusters are accessing regionally allocated PLD funding for a two year plan.
  • Some schools self-fund, or integrate some self-funding as part of their sustainability plan.
  • Contact us for assistance or further information.

Contact us for assistance or further information.