What teachers have said

Quotes from teachers in schools forging ahead with plans to ensure that RT3T™ is strategically embedded for every student.

Oranga School teachers
Oranga School teachers

A science teacher

it’s about ethics; everyone, all ages, both kids and adults, getting the learning right.

it has had an amazing impact on my teaching.

RT3T™ makes a really big difference.

works perfectly

such a huge impact on teachers and learners

It’s like gold

RT3T™ is so popular with our kids

The BEST of the BES

It’s being proven to work when there’s ongoing skilled implementation.

It’s a way of changing teaching and learning – it raises achievement, and the progress is sustained.

amazing resource, so different to what we have done

gives the power to the kids, not done to them, they’re so actively involved – that’s the value of RT3T™

we know that we’ve made a difference

it’s about so much more than literacy – it’s also about participation, team building and collaboration

RT3T™ enabled teachers of NCEA classes to work in a completely different way with their students, with students more settled and engaged. Students who did not achieve NCEA L1 or L2 were, with one exception, persistent absentees over the year.

we have to do this, it’s ethical practice

It touches so many bases so quickly

…Caught me after school…she was really excited she’d done a whole class version of RT with her class, around a poem. She said the students were superb, and she’s learned far more than if she’d ‘taught’ them.

once teachers see the self-managing groups, they’re super keen

we learn by doing, we learn together with the kids

One of the best PLD experiences I have had in my 9 years of teaching! So positive, practical and well-supported. It was easy to communicate and any questions/queries were responded to quickly.

like the kids, the more we do it, the better we get at it

It’s not just a reading strategy, it’s a teaching and learning strategy, it supports investigation

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