Reciprocal Teaching - RT3T™ in action with Year 3 and 4

Julia Westera Julia Westera
RT3T at Viscount Y3 and Y4
RT3T™ during Wig Day at Viscount

Stunning results have consistently been obtained for Year 4 ākonga with RT3T™

Steepest gains are for this cohort

The following 2020 graphs show Year 4 ākonga making larger gains than Year 5 and 6 ākonga, with all of the lower scoring Year 4 ākonga leaping above the national average.

Y4–Y6 asTTle Reading 2020
Y4 asTTle Reading 2020

This pattern has been replicated in 3 of our primary schools. The steepest gains are for Year 4 cohorts, demonstrating again that RT3T™ can provide a systemic and culture shift that ensures accelerated achievement for all ākonga – and proactive and effective inclusion.

When our primary schools prioritise Year 4s, these ākonga are set up for success at one of the most optimal and formative times of their schooling years.

RT3T™ in action with Year 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 students who’ve had four weeks of RT3T™ intensive coaching, studying together:

Reciprocal Teaching - RT3T™ quickly enables and supports students to enjoy learning together – for life.

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