Viscount School beats COVID with Reciprocal Teaching - RT3T™

Julia Westera Julia Westera

Viscount school has completed 3 years of RT3T™ during the 3 Covid years.

According to the principal, Shirley Hardcastle, “The most exciting part is the enthusiasm of the students and staff who quickly see the benefits, such as more skilled and focussed reading and expressive language, and the way in which children stay engaged and supporting each other.” Read more from Shirley here.

Below are the results of over two hundred Year 3 to 8 students who were tested both at the beginning and the end of the third Covid year.

Viscount Y3 STAR graph, 2022
Viscount Y4 STAR graph, 2022
Viscount Y5 STAR graph, 2022
Viscount Y6 STAR graph, 2022
Viscount Y7 STAR graph, 2022
Viscount Y8 STAR graph, 2022
Box & Whisker graph key in yellow

Overall the data showed that despite missing nearly half a year of schooling with Covid, students quickly regained their pre-Covid skill set, and continued to demonstrate significant progress on both their comprehension and accuracy (decoding) scores.

This is huge news. The results are consistent with other research, including that completed by Julia Westera with Year 5 and 6 students at Oranga School, which demonstrated similar impressive results.