Isn’t Reciprocal Teaching just good teaching?

But don’t we need more than ‘just good teaching’? More than ever before, with today’s 21st century students?

Even highly experienced expert teachers are excited that this modernised Reciprocal Teaching has added value, as it continues to enhance how they teach and how their students learn.

Why not just let it happen?

To get lasting, deeper and wider scale results takes time with a spiralling out PLD. 

Even our super schools are likely to need a whole school and team approach over at least two years.

What is the comparison of Reciprocal Teaching with rugby?

Both Reciprocal Teaching and rugby are not learnt through a one-off. 

Both are more complex than they first appear. 

One of our secondary principals, excited about the impact the new version was having on his Māori students, first made this comparison of Reciprocal Teaching with rugby. 

Here’s my attempt at a comparison:

Training for rapid learning of complex skills, such as those required in either Reciprocal Teaching or rugby, has similarities. With both, students require frequent, deep and flexible cognitive support and coaching. With both, the trainer needs not only to be able to play the ‘game’, but also to have the skills and motivation to build each player’s physical, focus, strategic, and team skills, during practice and in ‘matches’. With both the trainer needs to put in effort, momentum, challenge.