19 Scholarship Record in RT3T™ School

Julia Westera Julia Westera Robyn Foster Robyn Foster

Trident High School proudly announced that 19 of their students achieved Academic Scholarships in 2018 – the highest number of scholarships they have gained since the NZQA Scholarship Award was introduced.

The principal of Trident High School says that receiving 19 scholarships are fantastic results for a decile 5, predominantly Māori, rural school.

Trident was one of RTeach’s early adopter schools and is in their 4th year with RT3T™ (Reciprocal Teaching 3 Track).

Two years ago one of Trident’s highly experienced teachers was ecstatic about how many of her students achieved Scholarship. This was a new one for her, and she credited reciprocal teaching for the dramatic results.

Trident started small, but as the teachers saw the multiple benefits for their students, they quickly and innovatively incorporated RT3T™ across different year levels, curriculum areas and specific groups of students. Students who have benefited from RT3T™ include Year 9s and 10s, Unit Standards classes at Years 11 and 12, Year 12 Services Academy and Year 13 Scholarship classes. E-asTTle results have consistently shown leaps of 1–3 years in the students’ Deep Thinking skills.

The Maths department has also been instrumental in supporting the development of RT3T™Maths, and are finding it particularly useful in helping students to gain a growth mindset and collaboratively solve maths word problems.

Along with the intensive coaching group work for every year 9 or 10 class, there has been whole staff PLD each year, designed to enable all teachers to inquire into ways in which they can explicitly create opportunities for students to utilise the RT3T™ thinking, collaborative and leadership skills they’ve learned in the group work, across all learning areas. This whole school focus sets a platform for students to be actively involved in their learning, constantly challenged in their thinking and confident to not only work collaboratively with others but also to recognise and ask for clarification when they realise they have lost understanding in whatever context they might be in.

Congratulations, Trident teachers, what an amazing foundation for learning you are establishing together with your students.

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