2017 Data in Science: Year 5 to 9 Classes

Julia Westera   Julia Westera

This is the first time a cluster of schools made a year 5 to 9 progression plan with RT3T™, using the two NZCER standardised measures: Science: Thinking with Evidence and Junior Science Thinking with Evidence, alongside e-asTTle Reading. The results showed accelerated learning across both science and reading, over a year’s progress on TwE, and significantly improved deeper thinking skills:

1- Large shifts on both science and literacy for Year 5 and 6 students showed on two standardised measures: Junior Science: Thinking with Evidence and e-asTTle Reading.

2- More than a year’s progress with RT3T™ on TwE, after the brief RT3T™ coaching intensives:

RT3T in Science Pre-Post results

3- Clear progress into deeper thinking skills, as per e-asTTle Reading:

RT3T in Science Year 5 and 6

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