Short term and longer term

– and preventing the summer slump and the COVID slump

Julia Westera Julia Westera

A powerful pedagogy for all ākonga

As these 2017 data show, RT3T™ results in significant improvement in achievement after 12–15 intensive coaching sessions, for all ākonga, irrespective of prior achievement level, ethnicity, age, gender.

Y9–10 reading results over 13 months, Māori results

RT3T™ schools are continuing further with the intensive coaching – extending into every year level continuously or more variably, from year 4 to year 13, with ākonga continuing to show progress each year.

Three RT3T™ secondary schools are reporting that upward trends are continuing as cohorts progress through school, with improvement seen in NCEA and scholarship results.

RT3T™ has immediate and delayed acceleration leaps – even after the summer holiday slump, reversing the slump – shown by the high green bar for each class.

Y9–10 reading results over 13 months

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